Tamannah says, I didn’t stand nude in front of Prabhas


Baahubali-2 The Beginning created a gigantic sensation in the industry. Even though all the adroit work done by the director was appreciated, this movie rose up with few controversies. One such controversy is because of the too much alluring scene of Tamannah standing nude in front of Prabhas.

Remo Official Trailer

This is considered as the lascivious scene for several critics and is also considered as a rape scene.

Tamannah recently stated her views that half part of the film was not actually done by her. The industry has used many strenuous techniques to reveal’s Tamannah’s character as a princess. She only appeared in the first section of the film with just a song and dance with her character but, didn’t appear in the second part. She did a lot of hard work for all the fighting scenes and did all the performance solely. She is lastly asked the question that all the whole world is waiting for i.e, ”Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?”

She answered to this in an amusing manner that she cannot disclose the hidden secret yet because she signed an agreement with the production management of this movie. However, we still need to wait for the second part of the film to relieve our curious levels from this question.


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