Shah Rukh Khan on Suhana’s bikini picture


Film industry star kids are the people with utmost popularity. Suhana, Aryan, and Abram who were the children of Shah Rukh Khan are one of the popular kids among them. Suhana was recently captured in a picture in which she was wearing a bikini. This picture went viral on all the social networking sites. As shah Rukh was considered as one of the dignified and decent actors in Bollywood film industry, He wanted that picture to be deleted from the internet. Suhana was present along with her little brother Abram in that photo. Recently, Shah Rukh broke out telling that she was just in her teens and was with her brother.

Shah Rukh Khan stated in a recent interview that this incident should be mentioned taking into consideration of her age, before posting that she’s ‘Shah Rukh’s daughter who flaunts her body’. Lastly, Shah Rukh also added that he wasn’t protecting her from social media. But, he was actually protecting her from him.

He further added that it was only because of him this news went viral as he is a star. Apart from this news, few reports revealed that Shah Rukh’s daughter is going to make her Bollywood debut soon.


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