Remo Movie Review


Remo, the Sivakarthikeyan hero of the movie, dresses as a Nurse for the doctor whom he falls in love with. The core of the plot digs somewhere deep in the memories of more films that we have viewed in the past. Revealing much about this movie will spoil the fun during the movie watch. Though it does not carry any much attributes it engages you to watch the movie for Sivakarthikeyan.

Once again he proved that he is very choosy in selecting the stories. He is more attractive as a romantic hero and as well as in the nurse character. Probably this could earn one of the best make up for the years. Weta workshop team has done a wonderful job in the makeover part. The hero has scattered some of the acting skills. The director has kept Sivakarthikeyan in his mind before the story has been given a structure. He has well analyzed the traits of the successful movie. The villain role is totally out of place and it could have been dealt in a different way.

Keerthy Suresh gets to have a different role and could have been portrayed much better. PC Sreeram has worked wonders in this movie as usual. Few songs are trending hits because of the visualization. Editor Ruben has done his part well. Sivakarthikeyan carries the charm to have the story on his shoulders. Cool enjoyable and vibrant. If more care was taken it could have emerged as a better project.


Pure entertainer, Sivakarthikeyan steals the show.

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