Radhika Apte says, I have faced Casting Couch


The Bollywood industries worst kept secret. The actors and actress have accepted that they have come across that or they knew who does that. Now its Radhika Apte turns to open up the issue. Talking about the casting couch entertainment website Bollywoodlife.com she said that she knew a lot of people who does that and who have come across such.

Further, she said that she has never met such people in the industry. When she opened up a conversation she revealed once a south actor called in her room phone and tried getting flirtatious and she was very rude to him and fought with him later on. But she says she never got any request to sleep with them. When she got a call for a Bollywood film they inquired that if got an offer would she be willing to sleep with that person? She says, all I did has laughed! Said you’re so funny and I won’t.


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