Pulimurugan Movie Review


The movie picturesque locales of Kerala. Pulimurugan a chronicles the journey of Murugan. A tribal hunter who battles human – eating tigers in a forest called Puliyoor. Murugan’s innocence is exploited by Daddy Girija wherein Jagapathi Babu has played this role. The plot unravels when Murugan smuggles ganja for Daddy Girija, followed by a subplot which shows only a fraction of the rivalry between Murugan and RK (Kishore), a forest ranger, who preys on the former’s wife Maina (Kamalini Mukherjee).

Pulimurugan opens with the cagey death of a kid in a forest. Is the girl mauled by the tiger or taken by a cannibal? Enter a strange man in a black blanket asking about the whereabouts of Murugan. When Murugan’s father is hunted by a tiger, he is survived by his two sons; Murugan and Manikuttan. A young Murugan kills the tiger with a boastful background score accompanying the act. Murugan transforms to Pulimurugan (Tiger Murugan), who is now the protector of the village. The first part of the movie soars high. In a way, this movie is a win- win. The complete actor hooks the audience in this movie with his performance with the highlight being the thrilling stunt scenes between the hero and the tiger.

The stunt did by Baahubali and Enthiran fame Peter Hein, here with some of the most chilling and breathtaking sequences and Lal’s flexibility in pulling the stunt sequence is commendable. The SFX work in Pulimurugan is impressive. The special effects and editing are brilliant. This movie does not have space for mood killing songs. It lies completely on the BGM. Of course this movie is the feast for the eyes for Lalettan fans.


Really a visual treat for all movie lovers. Must watch one.

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