Prathap Daruru


Here am going to introduce a person who born and brought up thinking acting is one of the best things that he can do. Yeah, it’s me Prathap Daruru. Acting is an art which a person can listen from his soul that he can do that best. I listened to my soul and strongly committed towards the passion I have in acting . Even though I haven’t trained anywhere it is the passion which made me improve myself watching and analysing how a person can show himself as a matured actor.

Akhil Sidharth


Myself I’m Akhil Sidharth from Calicut. I have completed b tech it’s not my passion. It’s I completed only for my parents coz they wanted to see me as an engineer. I full filled their dream. After completing b tech my dad he knows about my passion he told me, son, now u can chase your dreams. Now I’m ready to chase my dreams but the only thing is that I’m not getting any chance, it may be because of I don’t have much hold in this industry. Have written many stories to make a movie. I hope u can help me to achieve my goals.