Arvind Sai


My name is Arvind Sai, currently working in Melbourne but can come down to India anytime if got a chance. At present I am India until November. I have experience acting in school dramas and small skits. My passion is acting, I love acting and I am crazy dubsmash fan. I have done a lot of dubsmash but couldn’t go above it as I had no clue where to and how to enter the acting field. Acting is something I have been doing from my childhood. I have had so many instances where I have acted and made the doctors believe that I have disease that I never did, well as a prank.I believe in myself and would want you guys to believe in me and give me a chance. I would be honoured if got a chance.

Eldho Mathew


Hi hello everyone this is Eldho Mathew from Ernakulam. I have a great passion towards acting. I have done my post graduation  in visual communication. During my post graduation I also worked in couple of short films like Bulsai, Saghavu and Directed a short film – Bell the sound of love, which had been a good experience in acting and also had experience in other various departments of film making. After my course completion I joined as a assistant director in a production company at Chennai and worked in various projects of advertisements for one and a half years. Eventually I also completed an acting course in an institution in Chennai. Even though I am passionate in acting I also took part in scripting editing and direction works of few projects to get an insight in technical part of film making and complete exposure in film making.So end of the day acting is what makes me complete. And film making is what gives me satisfaction.

Manu Naushad


Hey there, am Manu Naushad, 23, from Ernakulam. Right now am working in a private firm after completing my degree in B.Tech. I love the different genres of movies and music around us. What am really passionate about are Acting, Scripting & Direction. Am also interested in being a Lyricist and Song Composer. Passion along doesn’t take you all way, you have to put in hard work. So as a stepping stone me and my friends are already working on making our first short film. As Rumi quotes, I believe what we seek are seeking us. So stay positive and passionate.



Myself  Vasudev, from Kanhangad, Kasaragod. I am a great aspirant of film industry. From childhood itself I am interested in arts, music, acting, and other cultural activities. I came across a casting call for your upcoming project, if you give a chance, I will prove myself as an actor to fulfill my life dream. And I am expecting a positive response from you to go further. 

Athira Mohandas


I am Athira Mohandas, living in Hyderabad and a pure Malayali at heart. A fashion designing student. My passion is for movies and most importantly towards its technical side. Even though I grew up acting and dancing in school and college stages, my actual dream and passion is film making. Writing screenplays and acting along, is the main activity I am involved since my tenth standard.

Tony Philip


My name is Tony Philip. I have completed my B.Tech in computer science and engineering. Acting and modelling have always been a passion for me right from the time when I was little. I used to do role plays in many skits, drama and events in school and college. When it comes to talents such as dancing, I am an average player (good in dancing but not the best). Not until lately, I have grown an interest towards photography and video content making. Travelling is one thing I absolutely love the most, it is more like a lifestyle to me than a passion. Right now I do some on stage tech talks and am a motivation speaking.



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