Mammootty-Joshiy team up again!


In mega star Mammotty’s career, one of the movies which created a special place is New Delhi. If that movie is not there then his position would not be there as a superstar in the Mollywood. His career can be divided as after New Delhi and before New Delhi. His career was in a worst phase before New Delhi and people started to have a kind dislike for him due to continues string of failures in his earlier movies.

But that was the time Joshiy- Dennis Joseph team came up with New Delhi with Mammootty in the lead and production house that showed courage to produce with Mammootty at that point in time. The movie’s success helped in the grand return to Mollywood.

Now as per the unofficial reports Mammootty-Joshiy team joining again for a movie scripted by Dennis Joseph and produced by Jubilee productions and also the mega star has given his dates to Jubilee productions for a movie directed by Joshiy. Hope this team will strike the box office again.


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