Lights Out Movie Review


“Lights Out” began life as a three-minute short film by David F. Sandberg. He wanted to expand this short into a full-length feature film. David wanted it as dramatically interesting and very scary. It began with a sequence designed that “Lights Out” begins in a factory rather than an apartment.  it begins as an employee (Lotta Losten) sees a mysterious female figure in the dark that disappears whenever the lights come back on, and who suddenly gets a lot closer when they go back out again.

The factory owner Billy meeting a gruesome end. He was on call with the younger son Martin just before his death. His mentally disturbed mom Sophie talking to an imaginary friend Diana. Few months later she got worse and the kid can no longer sleep in the middle of the night. The school nurse when unable to contact Sophie she calls her step sister. Here Martin mentions about Diana when she hears the name she recognizes from her own traumatic childhood and tries to have the kid stay with her. Lights Out Official Trailer

Diana is now a creature who can only attack in darkness and who cannot be around any sort of light. After a couple of Diana attacks Rebecca with the help of boyfriend Bret and martin decides lighting up Sophia’s house to get her start with the medication for her instability. Alas, Diana thrives when Sophia is at her most disoriented and begins knocking out the lights in order to get rid of the interlopers once and for all.


A one time watch movie, but the filmmaker tried to do something clever. A new plot but the same old story.

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