Devi(L) Movie Review


There’s no creaking of the door or howls of the dogs at night, but what you get is a refreshing horror comedy featuring Prabhu Deva in the leading role after 12 years he has come with a bang again to the Tamil industry. Ghost an element in most of the Tamil movies. In director Vijay’s Devi, we have a ghost that can actually sign a contract. Yes, that’s what it has come to.

This movie is promoted as the multilingual project. The story is largely based in Mumbai but things in the first half get going in a village near Coimbatore. We get to know Krishna (Prabhu Deva), who is desperately searching for a ‘modern girl’.

He gets a stereotypical rural girl who runs around in saree’s and pavadais. Once in Mumbai, he tries to get rid of her by moving to a new apartment that he later finds out a haunted house.

The story after marriage and moving to the new house. he notices strange things with his wife’s behavior. It is when we are told that the spirit of a dead model Ruby (Tamannah) who yearns to become a superstar possesses Devi’s body to fulfill her dreams of attaining star status. Now, it is Krishna to save his naive wife.

It has a theme of bipolar disorder where we came across in Tamil movies. Vijay manages to weave an interestingly layered plot. The fulcrum of the film is the way in which the ghost is portrayed. In spite of the heavy Hindi dubbed feel, good performances, and neat presentation makes it watchable.


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