‘Baahubali 2’ climax scene photos leaked from Rayalseema


Baahubali 2 the final scene shoot is going on in Rayalseema. SS Rajamouli to his whole has brought in a stringent rule that no cellphone communication in the set in order to avoid the spillages of images in the web. He further said that he did not need any pictures to be leaked in the social media’s since before the arrival of ‘Baahubali’ In the Beginning couple of scenes of war successions were released and turned into a web sensation, and the pictures were detected to be spilled from the studio. He doesn’t want to the same to happen here as well.

The end of Baahubali 2 epic fight scene is of late wrapped. Few pictures from Key climax scene which was shot in Rayalseema were leaked on the web. The photos would be caught by the bystanders while shooting of significant scenes at a rock quarry.



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