Anushka becomes headache for Rajamouli


S S Rajamouli is working hard on the movie Baahubali- The conclusion. Most of the scenes of this film were completed and recently they finished the climax part of this film in the ending of august. Initially, Rajamouli was not quite contented in the beginning of the film because of Anushka’s overweight. This actress gained a lot of weight which is required for the movie size zero. She won many hearts with her performance in that film. Anushka is one of the beautiful and desirable Tollywood actress every director would love to work with. She gained a lot of fame because of her hard work and dedication towards each and every role she plays.

But Rajamouli asked her to abridge regarding her weight, Anushka didn’t loose more than six kgs. In fact, she also agreed to Nagarjuna’s movie Om Namo Venkatesa. She needs to be little cute as wells as chubby for that character so this is the reason this beauty didn’t take much concentration on reducing her weight. But, Rajamouli is disappointed with Anushka’s commitment for another film.

Rajamouli strictly warned her to reduce more weight by this September so that he wanted to shoot a sword fight scene in between Anushka and Prabhas which is going to be one of the loved scenes by the audience. The entire shoot of this film is anticipated to be completed by the end of the October. The movie is going to release in the year 2017 as a summer special. Baahubali-2 is considered as Pre-sequel for the movie Baahubali.


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