Actress is fooled by autorickshaw driver with fake currency


An auto rickshaw driver with a fake 100 Rupees note has recently has cheated the popular Bengali TV and film artist Megha Chakraborty. Actress Megha Chakraborty is famous with the television serials Badi Devrani and Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par. She made her film debut through the movie Action in 2014.

While the actress is travelling in Mumbai in the mid night she was fooled by the driver who gave a fake 100 Rs note to her balance. Over and above the currency seems like almost flawless counterfeit, apart from certain absurdities.

It is signed by ‘Santa Claus’ and states that it is a ‘One Hundred Coupon’. The governor says, ‘I PROMISE TO PLAY WITH THE COUPON HUNDRED’ and signs it. The note is published by Children Bank of India, not Reserve Bank of India. It was the actress herself who shared the incident on her official Facebook profile with the proof.


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